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I am a professional Soft Tissue and Massage Therapist based in a peaceful location in Halesworth, Suffolk. I am passionate about helping people move pain free and enjoy life to the full. My clients include sports people, people with work related pain, those recovering from injury or surgery as well as those seeking a relaxing massage to destress or simply as a treat. I have worked with individuals, sports teams, workplaces and care homes. No two treatments are the same because no two people are the same.

Treatments & Prices

Sports Massage

For sports people and those with active lives

  • Maintain mobility and aid muscle recovery
  • Prevent injury through early intervention and regular treatment
  • Assess and treat sports injuries and provide rehabilitation advice
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Remedial Massage

For people experiencing soft tissue pain or restricted movement due to:

  • Repetitive activities e.g. work, driving, poor posture
  • Pain or soft tissue dysfunction associated with chronic conditions/medical conditions (GP approval may be needed)
  • Injury e.g. sore back from gardening or heavy lifting
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Massage for Relaxation

For those wanting time out to relax

  • Can reduce symptoms of stress such as headaches, muscle aches, tension and fatigue
  • Recent research has shown that Swedish massage can promote white blood cell production boosting the immune system
  • Boosts ‘happy hormones’ promoting a sense of calm and wellbeing
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Event and Workplace

Fully insured, DBS checked and experienced in providing massage to organisations and events. Some examples below:

  • Event/pitch side sports massage
  • Workplace and residential home mini treatments
  • Workshops on body awareness/self care
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1 hour appointments:


30 minute appointments:



Many people who book a massage need an escape from modern life and the stresses it brings. Depending on your goals treatment can be relaxing and peaceful with background music and gentle techniques, or where stress is causing soft tissue tension and you wish for deeper techniques to address this; stretching, soft tissue release and deep tissue massage can be applied to address the sensation of muscles tightness.
To understand more about what the different options are and how these can help please get in touch. 

I am a keen runner and also take part in cycling and triathlon events and because of this my client base includes a significant number of runners, cyclists and swimmers. However, I also have experience working with dancers, rowers, kayakers, golfers, footballers, tennis players, climbers, gymnasts, weightlifters, crossfitters, rugby players to name a few!

What you wear for massage will depend upon the treatment chosen and your preferences. For sports massage most clients choose to wear shorts and a T shirt/vest top. For full body massage clients usually remove the top layer of clothing leaving underwear on. Whatever treatment you choose you will be covered with towels throughout the massage. If you prefer, treatment can be given through clothes. If you are changing before/after massage I leave the room and provide towels for you to cover yourself ready for treatment. 

Soft tissue and massage therapy reduce muscular tension and promote relaxation by reducing heart rate, slowing breathing and increasing the body’s feel good hormones. Massage therapy helps increase delivery of blood, oxygen and nutrients and stimulates the lymphatic system in order to remove waste from the muscles. Recent research has shown that massage boosts ‘happy hormones’ as well as increasing the production of white blood cells and therefore boosting the immune system.

The majority of sports or remedial treatment isn’t painful, although it can feel uncomfortable at times. During the treatment you will be asked for feedback regularly to ensure treatment is comfortable and pressure or techniques will be adjusted to suit your needs. It is really important you give honest feedback – it doesn’t need to hurt to be effective. After treatment it is possible you may feel some discomfort for up to 48 hours although most people do not have any discomfort after treatment. 

For help to choose the right treatment please get in touch so we can talk through your symptoms and your goals for treatment and I can explain the different options. At the start of your 1st treatment there is also a full consultation and we will agree a treatment plan based on your goals and preferences.

The sports massage qualification I have completed is called Soft Tissue Therapy because it is more than just massage, and also because it is useful for everyone not just sportspeople. If you are in pain or injured, if you want to maintain or improve mobility, if you are recovering from an operation or if you are active, then sports massage is great for maintaining your mobility, reducing pain, improving posture and helping your recovery. 

In addition to Massage Therapy I am qualified to offer the following Soft Tissue Therapy techniques as part of your treatment:
  • Muscle Energy Technique – very effective where chronic pain or recent injury have occurred. Effective at increasing range of movement without causing discomfort. 
  • Soft Tissue Release – effective for stretching muscles particularly where overall range of movement is good but muscles feel tight. 
  • Neuromuscular Techniques – including trigger point therapy where pressure is applied to relieve specific areas of pain, and positional release which relieves pain by finding a position in which the body is comfortable. 
There are a number of ways to check if a therapist is right for you: 
  • Most therapists will offer a no obligation free telephone consultation to understand your goals and explain what they can offer.
  • Look for an accrediting professional body. In addition to the different professional bodies the government backed CNHC (Complementary and Natural Healthcare Council) is an independent voluntary register of complementary and natural healthcare professionals who must meet set standards. 
  • Reviews and recommendations are a good way of understanding what a therapist offers and if it is likely to suit you. 
  • Don’t be afraid to ask questions – therapists generally go into their role because they want to help people and they will be keen to answer any questions to help you find the right treatment for you.




I saw Sarah for help with a shoulder issue. She was excellent, really helpful with not only a very effective treatment but also a thorough explanation and clear advice about what I could do to help myself. I’ve got no hesitation in recommending Sarah.

Andy Thornton

Visited Sarah for some assessment and massage, with a couple of fresh running injuries. Sarah provided a very friendly and professional service, with recommendations on exercises to do at home, to help with my injuries. After a thorough massage and a few weeks acting on her advice, I’ve seen a lot of improvement and I would highly recommend her to anyone with a sporting injury.

Benn Walker

Sarah was very thorough and professional. Very knowledgeable and leaves no stone unturned when it comes to solving a complex issue. Communication pre and post appointment is very good, Inc email AND text reminder, and any info she promised during the session such as stretch suggestions are emailed promptly within a day or so. Highly recommended.

Stu Lawn

So so so happy I found Sarah, after my first session yesterday I have felt amazing today. I feel like I have a better range of movement in my back after Sarah focused on some troublesome areas. I am a new mum and I also work at a desk and have just returned to work, so held a lot of tension and was so happy to have a much needed massage!

Megan Catchpole

Awesome visit to see Sarah tonight! She immediately found my sore spots and got to work on them! Thanks Sarah I’m now feeling Ironman ready!

Jane Hannah

Thank you for a fabulous massage this afternoon! Think the heavy breathing speaks for itself! Very relaxing, great therapist

Mandi Moyse

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